Exceptional Newsstand Service since 1992

Launching a new title?

Where do you start? We are the support and team you are looking for, including how to:

  • Secure a UPC
  • Source a printer
  • Select a national distributor
  • Prepare a production schedule
  • PLUS, anything in between and beyond in the world of newsstand circulation for established publications.

Newsstand Management

  • We secure new distribution through chain solicitations.
  • We identify, propose and acquire desired promotions and offer post promotional analysis.
  • We proactively manage the print order process, working with your national distributor and wholesalers, reviewing every order for opportunities, while quickly recognizing and managing necessary corrections to completion.

Monitoring & Driving Sales

  • We provide regular review of distribution and sales to best meet our publishers' goals.
  • We deliver regular reporting WITH analysis, including bulk history, POS and covers and can customize our services to meet additional publisher needs.
  • We communicate and work with your national distributor to monitor remits, ensuring timely and accurate payments.